Couplings for factory pipe lines (Toyox hose genuine couplings)

TOYOCONNECTOR TC2-S is a hose manufacturer designed coupling exclusively for TOYOX hoses.
(Material: SUS304 & SUS303 /Cap nuts type/Couplings Specification: Male Thread)

It is a hose coupling that is useful in improving productivity, safety and energy saving properties by preventing problems such as insufficient flow, fluid leakage and hose disconnection between the hose and coupling, and improving the installation process of the hose to the coupling.

For better productivity, safety and energy saving properties, we recommend that you select hoses suitable for your specific application and conditions.

* It is a new model that is cheaper than the TC3S.




Fluids (Couplings)

Air, Chemicals, Lubricant oil, Solvents, Water

Body Material

Stainless Steel

Fluids (Couplings)

Air, Chemicals, Lubricant oil, Solvents, Water

Body Material

Stainless Steel


Connection Surface Connection Method Inner Diameter for Hose (mm) / Coupling Specification
Hose Side Cap Nut 9,12,15,19,25
Device Side Male Thread R3/8,R1/2,R3/4,R1
Product no. TC2-S
Fluids Air Chemicals Solvents, Paint Oils Water (Non-drinkable)
Primary Material SUS
Materials Detail Nipple: SUS304
Cap nut: SUS303
Sleeve: Polyacetal
Functionality Easy to installEnergy savingPrevents leakage and disconnectionReusableStandardization of work
Certification RoHS2 (RoHS Revised) Certified


  • Prevents leaks and disconnections

    Hose insertion is easy and the special construction is fastened with a rubber cap. The coupling prevents hose disconnections and fluid leaks.

  • Time savings

    Hose insertion and removal is easy for increased efficiency.

  • Standardization of work (hyojunka)

    Fasten the cap nut fully to complete the operation.
    Hose insertion is easy, and installation is possible using just an open-ended wrench.
    This helps ensure uniform installation even when completed by different workers.

  • Reduced pressure loss

    There is less fluid leakage, and with a larger effective surface area (hole diameter) than a barb fitting, there is less pressure loss.

  • Reduced costs

    Sleeves used only for short periods during water flow testing can be reused to help reduce costs.

    * If the hose and coupling need to be removed for assembly testing or trial operations, the hose and sleeves can be reused up to three times so long as they are used at room temperature for no more than 24 hours at a time.

  • Waste reduction

    Coupling units can be reused, reducing waste and cutting costs.

  • Resistance to vibration

    Hose problems due to leaks and disconnections caused by vibration are prevented, and earthquake and other disaster preventive maintenance, as well as restoration work after a disaster, are made easy.

  • Resistant to corrosion

    Made of rust-resistant, hygienic stainless steel (nipple: SUS 304, cap nut: SUS 303).

Coupling Design Chart

Note: Because of the presence of threads, this is not appropriate for sanitary hoses (such as used for foods).
Use for foods may result in safety issues in the product.

Part Number Thread Specification Compatible Hoses
Inner Diameter(mm)
Dimensions (mm) Weight Packing Unit
L Φd1 HEX1 HEX2 g pc
Coupling Standards Chart · Schematic Drawing · TC2-S TC2-S9-R3/8 R3/8 9 35.5 7.2 25 23 78 30
TC2-S12-R1/2 R1/2 12 44.5 10.0 29 27 120 30
TC2-S15-R1/2 R1/2 15 45.5 13.0 33 32 147 30
TC2-S19-R3/4 R3/4 19 50 17.0 36 35 200 20
TC2-S25-R1 R1 25 54.5 23.0 43 41 245 20
Nipple: SUS304
Cap nut: SUS303
Sleeve: Polyacetal
Genuine Couplings : 21 Coupling Name TOYOCONNECTOR
Hose Size Hose Connection Cap Nut
Coupling Specification Male Thread
Primary Material SUS
Product no. TCSB
Certification RoHS2 Certified
Hoses Product Code Inner dia. (mm) Outer dia. (mm) fishing, dolphin, manipulation
FF-9-20 9 15
FF-12-20 12 18
FF-15-20 15 22

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