Crimping Service

5.1 Food Grade Hose Crimping Service

Crimp hoses with food-grade connectors, from Ferrule connector to Union connector (SMS/DIN Standard) with an up-to-standard crimper machine, clean crimping room, and measurement system from Japan. Testing service post-crimping is also provided with every hose crimped.

This service provides customers with effectively crimped food grade hoses ensuring no leakage or slip during an operation, and no nooks preventing any germs from building up and ensuring ease of cleaning.

  • Free crimping service when buying a food-grade connector with Hose Center

  • Contact: 02-0346226 / 096-8195288

5.2 General/ Industrial/ Hydraulic Hose Crimping Service

Crimp hoses with various types of a connector with a hydraulic crimper that can crimp from ¼ inches to 2-½ inches or 4 inches of hoses depending on the hose type.

This service provides customers with up to standard crimped hoses where customers can choose a connector including a made-to-order specified rare connector if a prototype is provided.

  • Fees may vary depends on types of site and the hose size

  • Contact: 02-0346226 / 096-8195288

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